Did You Know?

There’s an interesting series of videos that have been posted to the internet.  They’re entitled, “Did You Know?”  I get amused at the number of times that someone sends one to me.  “Hey, have you seen this?  Amazing facts!”

Yes, they are amazing and there is a great deal to learn about the facts and how humbling it is to be one of the small numbers.  There are also statements about preparing students for jobs that don’t exist – cell phones – numbers from the future…

Nothing succeeds like viral and this certainly has gone viral from its beginnings.  If you’re concerned about any of this, this is one blog that you need to read and think about.

But, did you know that there are four versions of this popular video?  Did you know there was a wiki to support its use with all kinds of PD and presentation materials?  Did you know that you can download high resolution versions of the video?  It’s the stuff of great contemplation and about where we’re headed as a civilization.  Did you know?  Did you know that it’s available in many languages and many format?  Do you care? – You better.

I’ve linked all four of the videos below from their YouTube versions so that I have them all in one spot.  It’s good viewing to watch them all and see how they’ve evolved over time.  They’re also good material for inspiring yourself, others, your students, …

Did You Know – the Original

Did You Know 2.0

Did You Know? 3.0

Did You Know 4 0

Thanks to Steve Rubel for the inspiration to put all of this together in one spot and, of course, to Karl Fisch for the original content.

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