Bad Guys Strike Again

Last night, we’re relaxing after a hectic weekend and watching a little television.  It’s a fight over the remote to watch the Bears/Packers football game and the Canadian Country Music Association‘s awards show from Vancouver.  So, we’re flipping back and forth, oblivious that there would be anything else of interest on the television.

I had Twitter open and noticed that Taylor Swift was a trending topic which I thought was odd as she’s not Canadian and not scheduled to perform at the CCMA.  It was only later when I checked into this that I found out what happened at th VMAs with Kanye West.

Embedded video from CNN Video

So, the bad guys bit?

Well, if you followed the trending topics, it shot you over to the search function on Twitter where people were commenting on what they had just seen.  Amidst the heart felt opinions about the event, the bad guys were at work.  Immediately, dummy accounts were created to phishing sites.  People selling stuff were including the #TaylorSwift tag to draw people to their web presence.

If you’re an internet novice, what are you going to do?  Yes, there will be those with unprotected computers that might end up in problems.

The postings continue into this morning.  In the time that it’s taken to create this entry, over 3000 tweets have queued up with the trending topic of “Taylor Swift”.  Related to this are the trends “VMAs”, “Beyonce”, “#teamtaylor”, and “MTV”.  Hopefully, the management of Twitter will apply their new Terms of Service and get things back to normal.

In the meantime, hopefully those searching for video of the moment will also see the high class move that Beyonce made inviting Ms. Swift onto the stage upon the receipt of her award to share in the moment.  Why can’t moments like that be the highlight of the event?  There’s something that you can be proud of.

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7 thoughts on “Bad Guys Strike Again

  1. And I thought this post was going to be about the Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings game winner.

    Seriously though, nice post about about the Beyonce moment. I hadn’t seen that one.


  2. What a POS Kayen West is! His actions show exactly how immature and ignorant he truly is. I hope that one day some white girl will jump up during some award West is receiving and says a bunch of BS and steals his ‘moment’. Pay back is a bitch you pos KAYNE WEST!


  3. KANYE IS A RACIST – PERIOD! It’s always OK for whites to be SLAMMED in this country – here it is people – like it or not!


  4. This man needs to be banned from these events. His actions simply point out what an uncaring, self-centered, ignorant person he truly is. Totally unacceptable, and it’s scary to think that people admire his work — his actions and work cannot be separated.


  5. KW is extremely low-class, non-educated, selfish, ill-mannered, ghetto trash.

    How the heck did this sleezeball get on this show?

    The MTV culture that has permeated the real music world has sunk to a new low. At one time, MTV meant something…now it means clowns rapping garbage to the low-class masses. This is NOT music…Kayne West is NOT entertainment.

    I urge EVERYONE to boycott his music…forever. There is no other way to reach these morons than pinching their wallets.

    Money IS the root of all evil…West is proof. Money is NOT equal to class…again, West and his rapper friends are proof.

    Garbage in, garbage out…enough RAP…let it die…let’s get back to SINGING voices, instead of rude shouting.



  6. And on the topic of the post… you’re absolutely correct that the people who lurk and wait for trending topics to post spam and garbage need to go away. That stuff is just a huge pain and waste.


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