Didn’t see this one coming…

…but I like it.  In my list of things that I hoped to see in version 9 of iTunes, I never thought about iPod Touch / iPhone management.  But, upon exploring, I realize that someone was thinking about what was necessary. I didn’t imagine these enhancements so it’s always nice to be blind sided.

In my case, I’m an application hog.  I just love browsing the app store looking for something new to download and put on my machine.  Over time, it does add up.

In the new iTunes, there’s actually a management utility that makes keeping yourself organized handy and from the desktop itself.  Normally, if the mood hits, I’m organizing and arranging applications to screens by hand.  There’s something strangely attractive about the shaking icons.  No more…I can arrange and sync applications right from iTunes.

I’m guessing that I’m not the only one with this problem.  Better controls and arrangements and just what to sync are now a feature of iTunes.

Synchronizing my iPod also solve a problem for me.  For the longest time, there was an indication that there was one application that needed updating.  I couldn’t find it.  I tried synching through iTunes and through the App Store and it was still there.  I had actually given up because I just couldn’t find the bad actor.  After installing this version, I was able to identify the application and, with the help of the explicity update button, the deed was done.

Looking around, it’s interesting to notice a tab devoted to iTunes U for those who take their learning seriously.  For me, this was an underused option in the past.  Now that it’s in my face, I may get serious about it.

There will be more revelations, I’m sure, as time progresses.  I’m liking what I see so far.

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