What I’d Like

Things are gearing up at Apple for another show highlighting the latest from the big computer company.  At 1pm, the latest tantalizing offerings will be on display.  If you’ve been following things online, there are lots of speculations about what and who will be the focus of the show.  We’ll see later on today.  Will 09/09/09 be a life style changing event?

Lots of folks are guessing.  According to the NYTimes, it’s going to be all about the music.  Lots of information flying around about the Beatles and a relationship there.  This could be good.  Interestingly, the promo includes a song title from the Rolling Stones.

Interestingly, Snow Leopard was released in advance of the show so perhaps the folks that think that it’s an underwhelming upgrade could be right.

I’m reading a great deal about new iPods.  So, perhaps my iPod Touch will be obsolete come tomorrow.  Lots of conspiracy theories are flying on Twitter indicating a price cut on current models.  An 8GB model for $199.  Sigh.  Supposedly leaks have indicated that new cases with room for a camera have been made.

There’s a couple of things that I’d really like to see though.

First, how about Bluetooth earphones?  This company gave us white earphones and you see them everywhere.  It was brilliance in marketing and you see them everywhere.  It inspirated competitors to come up with better products.  Wear a pair of these and you’ll see what I mean.  But, the cables still get in the way when jogging or biking.

The thing that I’m most excited about is the hint that iTunes 9 will be shown.  iTunes is the lifeline between you, your computer, your portable device and Apple.  I’ve never found the interface all that intuitive and like the web it just gets bigger and bigger.  There is a portion of the store that I’d really think I would use but haven’t.  That area is the TV and movies section.  There’s lots there that I’d like to use on a regular basis.  Why am I not?  Simply, it’s the size of these things.

I suspect that I’m like most people and work daily to keep my hard drive at 20% free so that my OS has some head room.  My iPod Touch needs some maintenance to satisfy my lust for new applications and a refresh of music to go periodically.  There just isn’t the amount of room that would allow me to become a digital movie collector.  I could probably budget hard drive space for one movie at a time.  The option to rent is intriguing but a good movie needs to be played over and over.

What would really appeal to me is to have iTunes with a cloud component.  Let me buy my favourite movie but give me the rights to it to download it on demand for play on my computer or iPod.  I’m just not into carrying around a TB drive in my computer case, but I’d be more than willing to get into this area of entertainment if it was just up in the cloud somewhere so that I could snag it before going on a car trip or on an airplane.

Speculation is also flying about whether Steve Jobs will be there.  I hope so.  It will be great to see this visionary front and centre again.

So, who knows what we’ll see today?  It’s always interesting to speculate and see.

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