Where Collaboration Goes to Die

Over the weekend, I was looking to enhance and expand my knowledge on a particular topic and my searching lead me to a wiki created to share the resource.  Great, I thought.  I’ve got some content to offer already and I’d be happy to exchange it and help grow the wiki. But, I couldn’t.  TheContinue reading “Where Collaboration Goes to Die”

links for 2009-09-06

Create and Collaborate on Online Diagrams – Try it Free | Creately Creately is an easy to use online diagramming application that's built for collaboration. Powerful features and an intuitive interface make Creately ideal for teams working together on diagrams and designs. (tags: mindmapping diagram diagramas collaboration web2.0 diagrams tools flowchart) BBC NEWS | UKContinue reading “links for 2009-09-06”