doug – off the record reached a milestone this morning.

On the https://dougpete.wordpress.com site, this is blog entry #1000.  Let me take a moment to create a graphic to celebrate the moment.

As I take a look back and reflect, it’s been an nteresting run.  I first started blogging using my FirstClass account but got away from it quickly.  It doesn’t offer you, the reader, to let me know just how wrong I am by way of a comment to a blog post.  Above and beyond all, that was the impetus for the move away from “there” to “here”.

It’s more than that, however.  I use this blog as a portal to most of what I do online.  You’ll see a listing of my latest messages on Twitter and you’ll see the latest of the bookmarks to my Delicious account.  Delicious also provides a powerful utility that summarizes daily links and posts to this blog in the wee hours of the morning.

I originally started by blogging solely on the topic of education.  As I realized the voice that blogging offers, I decided to ease up on that focus.  After all, how many times can I let you know that I strongly believe in collaboration and the power of networking?  When I decided to give my self the latitude to write about anything that I happened to be thinking about, it opened the doors to doing more.  I also found that a diverse approach introduced me to may folks in search of the same topics.

For that, and the new connections that it brings, I am truly grateful.

It’s been a great run to 1000.  I’m looking forward to the next thousand and hope that those of you who read this remain along for the ride.

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The content of this blog is generated by whatever strikes my fancy at any given point. It might be computers, weather, political, or something else in nature. I experiment and comment a lot on things so don't take anything here too seriously; I might change my mind a day later but what you read is my thought and opinion at the time I wrote it! My personal website is at: http://www.dougpeterson.ca Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dougpete I'm bookmarking things at: http://www.diigo.com/user/dougpete

5 thoughts on “1000”

  1. Doug-
    That is a fantastic accomplishment! It is truly amazing how writing changes you. Blogging is not only an opportunity to offer your voice, but also one of the best ways we discover we even have one!

    Thank you for being so open, honest, and encouraging with yours. I look forward to the conversations that the next 1000 spark!


  2. Some say 1,000 hours for competence, 10,000 for mastery. I am sure you will agree that the process is as important as the product. It’s apparent that you enjoy your hobby which translates into enriching professional development for yourself and others. Best wishes on your next 1,000.


  3. Congratulations Doug on your milestone. That’s a lot of thinking, and reflecting. I am always amazed at how quickly you process information and events. Looking forward to the next 1000 or so.


  4. Congratulations Doug – a real accomplishment. You make every day a learning and collaborative opportunity. I will be ‘riding along’ with you for sure. Thank you!!!!

    ~ Mark


  5. Congratulations, Doug!

    I follow your blog and will definitely be around reading the next 1000! Ditto what Barbara said…I am in awe of your ability to stay so current and informed. Thanks for letting us all learn from you!


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