doug – off the record reached a milestone this morning.

On the https://dougpete.wordpress.com site, this is blog entry #1000.  Let me take a moment to create a graphic to celebrate the moment.

As I take a look back and reflect, it’s been an nteresting run.  I first started blogging using my FirstClass account but got away from it quickly.  It doesn’t offer you, the reader, to let me know just how wrong I am by way of a comment to a blog post.  Above and beyond all, that was the impetus for the move away from “there” to “here”.

It’s more than that, however.  I use this blog as a portal to most of what I do online.  You’ll see a listing of my latest messages on Twitter and you’ll see the latest of the bookmarks to my Delicious account.  Delicious also provides a powerful utility that summarizes daily links and posts to this blog in the wee hours of the morning.

I originally started by blogging solely on the topic of education.  As I realized the voice that blogging offers, I decided to ease up on that focus.  After all, how many times can I let you know that I strongly believe in collaboration and the power of networking?  When I decided to give my self the latitude to write about anything that I happened to be thinking about, it opened the doors to doing more.  I also found that a diverse approach introduced me to may folks in search of the same topics.

For that, and the new connections that it brings, I am truly grateful.

It’s been a great run to 1000.  I’m looking forward to the next thousand and hope that those of you who read this remain along for the ride.

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