Watching a Tape Delayed Event

Last night was quite an interesting time watching television.  We were watching the CMA Music Festival on ABC Television.

The Country Music Association holds a huge event in Nashville where the very best in the country music genre who isn’t on tour shows up to meet their fans and perform in a concert that lasts over four days.  It’s an opportunity to see Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Brooks & Dunn and so many others.

What’s unique though, is the event happened in June.  The event was edited to fit into three hours of prime television in August.  It was great television with non-stop performances. / CC BY-ND 2.0

Now, as the show is on, I’m working on a number of different documents and, of course, have Seesmic Desktop open to stay in touch with those who I follow.

Starting shortly after 8:00am, I notice that there is a great deal of activity with the hashtag #cmatv.  So much, in fact, that it’s trending.  I should point out that I also follow a number of Twitter accounts for some of my favourite performers.  It became very apparent that I’m watching something surreal.  I immediately open a search column for #cmatv.

So, here’s the situation.  The Festival from June is being broadcast and fans are tweeting their opinions as performer after performer hits the stage.  At the same time, the performers themselves were talking about their performances and those of their colleagues.  I was watching messages from:

What an interesting way to extend the original concept of transparency with their fans.  In a time shift, watch yourself on television with your fans and together comment on the performances.  Unbelievable.

Very quickly, following the flow of information in this stream because difficult.  So, I opened up a session with Tweetchat.  Here, everything with the #cmatv tag had an entire screen of its own.

The whole event was such a powerful merging of people and technologies.  Tagging onto the concept that I mentioned yesterday, this has nothing to do with what anyone had for breakfast.  It’s a true, authentic and innovative use of the technology.  Think about it … whether you watched the show or not, what better way to work with your fan base?  What a way to exploit the technology.

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