Day: August 30, 2009

Inspiration by Quotation

I’m feeling a little experimental this morning and so decided to pull together a bunch of web resources to see what I could do.

First, I was looking for content so I went to my favourite web resource for quotations ( and did a search for education.  There were 15 pages of quotes and I immediately got side tracked as I read them and then remembered that I was on a mission here.  Back to the project.

I then went to Prezi to access an online presentation package.  Prezi is an online presentation program that allows for zooming in and out and gives a really nice break from YAPP.  (Yet Another Powerpoint Presentation).  I created a presentation at the Prezi website and you can see it here.  The content was simply a copy and paste job from the Quotations Page.

This approach forces the end user to actually leave this blog entry to take a look at the presentation.  The best option would be to embed the presentation right into the page.  Unfortunately, Prezi does allow for sharing of a link but it’s limited to sending the link to recipients like I’ve done above.

How to embed?

I’ll just do a little iframe magic to do the embed and rats … WordPress filters it out.  Hmmm.

It embeds nicely into PBWorks as shown here.

Looks like I’ve got a little work before this experiment is complete.

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