links for 2009-08-30

U.S. ranks 28th in Internet speed among industrialized nations, study finds — When it comes to Internet speed, the U.S. remains far down the ladder of industrialized nations, ranking 28th behind leaders South Korea, Japan, Sweden and Holland, according to a study by a labor union for telecommunications workers. (tags: internet speeds icsxx) TweetContinue reading “links for 2009-08-30”

links for 2009-08-29

YouTube – Social Media Revolution Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Welcome to the World of Socialnomics (tags: socialmedia Web2.0 statistics stats youtube socialnetworking revolution socialnetworks) Video Streaming Software, Web Video Conference Software, Audio/Video Webcasting – Online conferencing software (tags: voip collaboration socialsoftware software opensourceContinue reading “links for 2009-08-29”