Day: July 27, 2009

600 Levels

The iPod Touch and iPhone have been two huge successes for Apple. Sales of these devices are so strong and you see them everywhere.

It makes a great deal of sense. Above and beyond the telephone functionality, the iPhone does allow owners the ability to run apications on this very portable device. Whether it be a portable web browser, a Twitter client, a memo pad, calendar, contact list, there’s a little something for everyone.

The key to success for computing devices, once you get past the basic functionality, is gaming. These devices have got you covered there as well. Distributed through the App Store, you’ll find all kinds of applications for the portable gamer. The big game companies have a strong presence in this area but this mode of distribution makes it possible for individuals who are interested in programming to distributes their wares as well.

Often, you’ll find two versions of an application. There are commercial versions that retail at very affordable prices – typicall 99 cents and up. Many developers will also release a free application as a tease to get you enticed to purchase the commercial product. In this case, you’ll find an application that you can play a limited number of times or it will have just a few levels and you need to shell out a few pennies to get the full product.

However, there’s at least one gem in this collection of software that has caught my interest. It’s an application called “Unblock Me Free”. The developer is Kirakorn Chimkool and is coprighted to Kiragames. It’s a simple concept; you have sliding blocks in various positions and you goal is to slide these blocks so that you can slide the single bright orange block out the side of the screen. Sound simple? It’s simple enough for a few levels but then your brain starts to hurt as you work your way up.

What would you thing? 10 levels and you’re done? 20 levels? 25?

How about 600, each one trickier than the previous? There’s enough here to keep you occupied for hours. Once you’ve solved them all, switch to Challenge Mode and try to solve each puzzle with fewer and fewer moves.

UnBlock Me

If you’re looking for a fun application, I highly recommend this one. It’s well written and will test your problem solving abilities – all in your portable device.

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