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Blogging Future

My morning reading took me to Steve Rubel’s Mashable entry entitled Mashable Mind Map: What is the Future of Blogging?  It’s an interesting read – what I find so interesting are the responses and they reflect many opinions and thoughts about the basic premise.

In the article, he talked about a couple of directions that blogs could go.  One he labels Darwinism, and the other, Evolution.  While his focus is about business and blogging in general, I’m thinking of his points and how they apply to education.

I think we’ve all seen the Darwinism part in education.  For some, it’s “the thing to do”.  I’ve heard so many people who talk about the value of blogging for literacy, etc.  Ironically, they don’t blog themselves or they attend a one shot workshop to start up something, make a couple of entries and then move on.  We’ve all seen folks who are required to blog as part of an certification course.  And, of course, once the course is over so are the posts.  Like so many of the magic wands that are offered to solve the ills of education, the concept is simple.  But, the magic doesn’t happen quite so simply.  That’s when the wheels start to wobble and ultimately fall off.  Continued blogging is work.

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I like Steve’s discussion about Evolution though.  I think he’s on to something for successful blogging.  I’m thinking about my own experiences.  In the beginning,

I would make infrequent posts just so that I could get a sense of what it was about and the magic didn’t happen.  I then moved to WordPress and started to dig deeper into what blogging could be.  I forced myself to make entries once a week and started to feel better.  I then pressured myself to start to post daily and the magic did start to happen.

I’ve always enjoyed writing (even though I’m not that good at it) and actually publish a monthly newsletter in my day job.  It’s an opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and hopefully provide some inspiration to others.  With blogging, I found that I started to inspire myself.  With a daily deadline, I started to look at and understand things at a deeper level than ever before.  I then meld it into something that is suitable for public viewing.  More than just a daily record of thoughts, it has now been a way to connect to others of a like mind.  It’s a very special group of folks and I read their blogs regularly.  It’s scraped over to Commun-it to join with other Ontario educators.  I know that some bloggers feel that comments are necessary to affirm their efforts.  Some days you do; some days you don’t.  It comes down to just who are you blogging for?  Yourself?  Or the masses?  You’ll need to decide where the satisfaction lies.

Blogging resources have become incredible competitive and this opens all kinds of other possibilities.  I spend time on the web learning and trying to understand and have bookmarked resources for years.  Delicious interfaces with WordPress nicely and lets me share with any who care what I’m reading and bookmarking.  It allows me to create a great resource for myself.  Delicious does have a nice search routine that lets me find resources that *I* have particulary previewed and saved for later reference.  But, when you couple that with a search that lets me dig into my blogging thoughts with the same search terms, the power of search is definitely enhanced.

More than this, the sidebars allow me to bring much of my online experiences together into one spot.  You’ll notice my Twitter thoughts and bookmarks to other blogs that I regularly read.  It has evolved into an amalgam of a great deal of what I do online.

There is no single answer to Mr. Rubel’s thoughts.  I enjoyed reading his post; enjoyed the mind map; and then realized that like so many things in life, blogging is what you make it to be.  As I was creating this entry, I was having a back and forth with Jeff Pulver, a man that I have great respect for.  One of his responses to me says it all.

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