Day: July 22, 2009

Agreeing on All Sides

Have you ever started reading a blog post in the middle?  That happened to me this morning.  I’m not quite sure why but I ended up reading a response…

A Pox on Both Windows 7 and Ubuntu

It was essentially a rant from a business-type user of the Windows Operating System who loves the old compatibility mode that Windows XP has.  There is a quote in the response that supports the author’s position that computing should be all about functionality and not about the GUI and the security features that Windows 7 and Ubuntu have incorporated into them.  I smiled and thought of a

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quote of my own “Life was better before sliced cheese”.

I was curious as to what inspired this particular rant and went back to the original post.

Windows 7 is the same as Ubuntu

The whole premise of the post is along the lines of my more frequent musings on this blog.  The author attributes the quote to his son who he notes “lives in a web browser“.  The post was originally made a few weeks ago before announcement of the development of Google’s Chrome OS which promises to embrace the web more than ever.

In our current world, there are problems with both positions.  Old operating systems won’t run the newer software and are just a problem waiting to happen.  It’s not just that the software is at risk but it’s also the mindset that the old days was good enough.  Why do I need to stay on top of the latest?  It wasn’t vulnerable to hackers/viruses then; why would it be now?  I would encourage those to subscribe to Secunia for just a week.  Nothing is safe and stable.

The problem with newer operating system arrives with a total dependency on the web.  I lamented on this during the past few days when I was without internet access.  (Did anyone miss me not blog posting?)  If you seriously live and die by the cloud, you need to have a better Plan B than going to a coffee shop for internet access.  I should note and give kudos to the Goderich BIA for providing internet access (not free) in the Square and along Hamilton Street.

As I scanned through the original post and the replies, I found myself agreeing with many of the points made coming from all sides.  Pro-Windows, Pro-Ubuntu, Anti-Windows, Anti-Ubuntu, gaming needs, security needs, needs at home, needs of hackers, the value of FOSS, the value of stable software, and the list goes on and one.  Everyone who contributed to the thread spoke from the heart about their particular reality and their passion/need to do what they’re doing.

I think that it serves to remind us that we’re on the cusp of big changes, philosophically and software-wise.  Will it be mobile versions of operating systems?  Will it be more ubiquitous internet options?  Will it be a stricter set of rules for business users?  Will it be a ramped up intranet?  Will it be more secure connections between users – intranet – internet?

Proponents are making excellent points on all sides of the issue.  A meeting of the minds needs to happen so that we can go forth united instead of divided.

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