Day: July 19, 2009

You Must Have

Tacking onto my cloud thoughts from yesterday. I really enjoy the thoughts of the netbook and its portability. I really like the concept of just getting connected and having access to the world.


As I sit here typing this entry, my Netbook is glowing in the dark nicely lighting up this guest room and I’m listening to some music via the music player and some earbuds. Much as I appreciate the machine, that what it has been relegated to.

I’m in an area without internet connectivity. I see a couple of access points from neighbours but it’s not ethical to attach to them

So, two thumbs at a time, I’m working on this entry.

In this case, it’s not a big deal. But a fully mobile solution with your documents in the cloud needs to take this into consideration. If the OS requires network connectivity, them I’m equally as out of luck

I’m just thinking of solutions and what I would need to do if this was a mission critical situation.

– locally stored documents
– document on a memory key
– go to a coffee shop with free internet

The first two options make sense and, as Alfred noted in a comment yesterday, is just good computer management. It does require a great deal of planning and discipline. It also requires the desired application and operating system to be installed locally. No cloud here.

The coffee shop option, as tongue in cheek as it may appear, may be the best. In its implementation, it might come in the form of coffee or an internet stick or some form of built in access to the wireless telephone network.

Bottom line, a total portable solution incorporating the cloud involves more than just buying a 400 dollar computer if you’re going to make it the total solution.