Day: July 18, 2009

Yeah, but…

It’s been a little while since Google has announced the development of the Chrome OS.  There has been much written about this announcement.  The plans for this operating system to run on Netbooks are exciting and it makes sense that this particular area is targeted.

It appears that, in this arena, there will be Chrome OS, Windows 7, and Linux all competing to manage your computer.

To make things even more interesting, Microsoft has announced that there will be a free Windows Productivity Suite 2010 that will be web based.  This will take on biggies like Google Docs and Zoho in the realm of web based suites.  How can Microsoft ensure that this would be successful?

How about taking a page from Apple‘s notebook?  This week, the big news was that Apple blocked the Palm Pre from accessing the iTunes store.  Microsoft would solidify the process by making the web based suite accessible only by a computer running Windows 7.

Are we ready for all this?  Are we prepared for a web-based world for everything?  Are you ready to put your bank account spreadsheet online “in the cloud” somewhere?  Are our employers ready for a web based portal?

There are lots of questions without answers for me at this point.  I like the concept of enabling netbooks to take us into new worlds and new applications.  Every time I try to work my way through a vision, I end up with more “Yeah buts”.

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