Day: July 16, 2009

Online Transparency

I went in search of some reading this morning.  Now, I was too lazy to head to the library or the book store so I went online.  A favourite place of mine to read and share documents is Scribd.  Here, any document that folks upload is converted to iPaper and you can read it online in your browser, provided you have a recent copy of the Flash player installed.

There are other alternatives as well.  You can download the documents in PDF or TXT formats for offline reading.

Like most sites of this genre, when you land on the doorstep, there are teasers there to get you to dig into the site or perhaps even create your own account so that you can add your own content. 

This morning, as I scanned the “Explore” section, I saw a number of documents about Michael Jackson, including the one embedded below.

This program is a celebration of the talents and impact that this article had on the world.  The images and words inside remind us how many of us grew up with Mr. Jackson and followed his development into the artist that we last remember.

It’s impressive that a tool like Scribd can provide such resources for a world to view, if it wishes.  Finding a document like this would take some effort with a regular search engine.

Like a regular search engine, you’ll get everything, including some things that you may not have an interest in.  For example, his last will and testament is online there as well. 

Such is the price that we pay for transparency.

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