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Visual Definitions of Web 2.0

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Ontario Educator Meetup #7

Another perk for summer holidays – the Ontario Educator Meetup was held in the afternoon instead of our regular evening meeting times.  Yesterday afternoon, Jeff O’Hara (zemote) hosted the session and took the group that peeked at about 15  through the Edmodo website.

Edmodo is an online community specifically developed for education.  Logins are either via a teacher or student portal and, once landed, you have access to all of the communities you have membership in.  Teachers can create their own community and only subscribe those students to their class.  Jeff was quick to point out that Edmodo only requires a minimum of information to create user accounts.

Once you’re in your community, you have access to many of the elements that you would expect in a read/write web environment.  You’ve got your basic status updates and replies.  However, Edmodo goes further than that, incorporating many of the elements that you would expect to see in an educational environment.

Check out the latest in class assignments, upcoming events (due dates?), etc.  File transfers and embedding of videos from services like YouTube let teachers control the online environment for the classroom community.  Embeds are empowered using the Scribd service.  On the fly through the presentation, Jeff created a community for the Ontario Educator Meetup and we were in and posting as we multi-tasked our way through his presentation.The service is free and I’m always curious about how services like this are funded so I asked.  Jeff answered no to advertising and that the current service is free.  They are working on a collection of premium services to be released in the fall.  In addition to the functionality that is currently available, Jeff gave us a sneak preview of the new features that are in development for a fall release.

If many social networking resources are blocked at your school district, Edmodo looks to be really attractive with its safely guarded environment and total commitment to education.  What was especially cool during the presentation were the testimonials given by a couple of educators who used the product last year – one from Ontario and the other from the United Kingdom.  Their experiences were very positive.

Thanks to Jeff for sharing an hour of his time to give us a tour of this resource.

The presentation, as are all of the previous sessions are archived at the Ontario Educator Meetup website.  You can follow updates on Twitter by looking for the hashtag  #OntMeetup.  Upcoming sessions are announced on the website and through this account.

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