Day: July 9, 2009

From a Post to Trending

Yesterday was a massive blogging day in response to Google’s announcement of the future of an operating system they’re calling Google OS.  A lot of hacks with keyboards (including myself) threw their two cents worth of thought into the fray.  I spent a lot of time reading thoughts and comments that ran the entire spectrum from this is a great concept, to this is stupid, to do we need another Linux, to will Chrome OS be better than Ubuntu to …  I did a lot of reading. It was good reading.  Insightful, funny, futuristic, negative.  For every keyboard, there was an opinion.

How do we ensure that this will make a difference?  Google, after all, has “Beta” splashed over many of their products and have been known to drop some of their products, including Google Notebook.

There are some things that give confidence that this will be a good thing.

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First of all, Google has promised to open source the code.  This is great news as it has the potential of attracting some of the great programmers to the cause.  Secondly, and there’s no discounting this, the Google Brand is absolutely huge.  There are arguably better web apps in some of the areas that Google is a player, but Google puts it all together as a total package.  There’s a great deal of confidence in that.

However, what put me over the top in terms of confidence was this report from the BBC.  In the article, they list hardware developers who will work with Google

  • Acer;
  • Asus;
  • Freescale;
  • Hewlett-Packard;
  • Lenovo;
  • Toshiba.

That’s a pretty powerful list of vendors.  There are a few names missing – Apple, Dell, Gateway, Sony, … but it’s still early and nothing has been delivered to our knowledge yet.

From the original post on Google’s blog to trending #3 on Twitter as I write this entry, quite a stir has been created in the past 48 hours.  Stay tuned.

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