links for 2009-06-26 - Places "Places" is your next generation postcard. Instead of just seeing a still image of a place, you are invited to join an exciting ride through a 3D scenery of your choice (tags: googleearth maps Geography google tools virtualfieldtrips earth 3d) Doug's PD Wiki / Eight Weeks To Web 2 Summer course for [...]

8 Weeks to Web 2.0

Today is the last day of the school year for us.  It's been interesting, through Twitter, watching the end of the year for various school districts as they popped up all during the month of June. Next week is the beginning of July and the kick-back week of the summer for most.   But  then [...]

links for 2009-06-25

100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teaching Students About Social Media | Teaching Some educators have expressed an appreciation for the irony of experienced instructors who have had to learn about social media later in their careers teaching it to younger students who have grown up in an Internet environment. (tags: socialmedia education socialnetworking [...]

Searching Images

I was poking around the Twicsy website this morning.  The concept is rather interesting.  Anytime someone posts an image and announces it via Twitter, the image is indexed.  Using the resources at Twicsy, you can search for images posted with tags or announced on the timeline. There was a time when this might have been [...]

links for 2009-06-24

Jake Keeping your files in sync - even with large groups - has never been easier. (tags: filesharing collaboration software sync opensource backup synchronization tool) 5 Little Desktop Apps You Should Check If You Mutlitask I’ve listed 5 of the best apps to hide, resize and do some funky stuff like translucency, all in the [...]

An Amazing Class

On a few occasions this year, I blogged about my experiences with a group of students from Gore Hill Public School.  I don't get an opportunity to visit classes often with the other commitments that I have but there was something really special about this group of students. My relationship really started by accident when [...]

links for 2009-06-23 The Coolest Online Calculator Online calculator with expression calculations (tags: calculator tools ajax web2.0 online conversion math cool) Handouts ‎(Celebrate Oklahoma Voices)‎ Audacity workshop handouts from Wesley Freyer (tags: audacity digitalstorytelling tutorial tutorials howto) Tips for advanced Audacity editing | ISTE’s NECC09 Blog This week in a Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling workshop in Oklahoma City, [...]