Lurking in the Backchannel

Recently, there were some incredible video and comments about the potential of Google Wave. I’m very excited about the prospects and potential for collaboration with this new tool and have already signed up for a notification when it goes live – or the perpetual beta…

The concepts are very technical in nature and good reading is available at the Wave Protocol website.  With what I read, the potential is enormous as we break the mold again with what we think we know about communication and staying connected.

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So, what’s going on? 

Down under, there’s a Google Wave Developer Day happening in Sydney.  And, of course, they’re Twittering about it.  By following the hashtag #wavedaysyd, you too can stay on top of the buzz. 

I’m seeing comments flying about iPhone, Android, video, email, demo, games, IRC, Robot, gadget, and so on.  Every one of these words inspire me with some ideas about what the future might hold.

Now, my wonderful little Bubby gets disgusted when I just sit there and read stuff like this.  She uses the term “Lurker” and not in a good way.  I have a totally different perspective.  I’m excited about this initiative and developers are creating their own backchannel to discuss it.  The least I can do is follow it!

For an indepth discussion, check out Jodie Miners’ blog.

This is a really exciting time.

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