Grab Your Identity

This weekend, Facebook will allow users to grab “their identity” on the social networking service, as announced on the Facebook blogIt’s a simple concept.  Instead of sending your friends to a link that includes a lot of technical looking content including “id=592952074”, you will be able to grab your brand and use it when you send people to your Facebook resources.

Rather than just turn the feature on, the folks at Facebook have given everyone notice when they log in that this is coming.  I guess the concept is to stay up late Saturday night or early Sunday morning to grab your name?

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This feature will be of great value to people who use the same name or brand on their social networking services.  For a consistent presence, they’ll want to be known by the same name everywhere.  Those with egos will want to grab their name before someone else does.  For the rest, they’ll probably just enjoy sleeping.

Whether you rush to get online or not, the fact remains that social networking presence and establishing your brand is increasingly important.  Is Facebook the answer for everyone?  Maybe not, but the numbers indicate that you may wish to take a second look.

If you future depends upon an online presence, you may want to think this through.

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