Getting Speedy

I’m wandering my way through the recently announced enhancements to the Macintosh OS X operating system included in the new release called Snow Leopard.  They sound exciting and we’ll look forward to the September release.

Of particular interest to me is the announcement of a smaller hard drive footprint (the announcement indicates that it could be 6GB smaller) and quicker start up, shut down and movement to and from sleeping.

I really welcome these enhancements.  This is going to make computing far more personal.

We all start with new computers that are fairly snappy in performance.  However, over time with the addition and removal of programs, creation of documents, etc., things end up moving at a snail’s pace.  My computer running Vista has reached the brutal stage and my Macintosh isn’t the speed demon that it was when first taken out of the box.  I’m not here to throw stones because I know that much of it is self induced.  Once they do boot, then life is happy again.

Over the years, operating systems have just become bloated, trying to be everything to everyone.  I’d really like to see one that starts with a bare kernel and then snaps in the functionality as it’s needed.  Instead, we seem to start with everything and then up going through hacking and slashing to try and tweak some performance from the machine.

The worst of all cases has to be education where you have a class full of squirmers who just want to get down to work but are delayed with hourglasses and spinning disks.

But, I am happy to hear that developers are recognizing these things and fixing them.  The pre-release of Windows 7 appears to be a joy in this realm too.

In my heart of hearts, I think that we have the Netbook to thank for this.  There is nothing quite so nice as turning it on and watching Linux get started like a speed demon.  You should be able to hit the keyboard flying and be on your way without the aggravating wait.  If Snow Leopard performs as announced, this is going to be an exceptional upgrade.

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