NECC 2009 Day 1

It was a very busy day 1 at the NECC Conference.  With so much to do, you feel guilty even stopping for lunch because you might miss something. The courtesy bus transportation from the hotel to the convention centre is so convenient that you just scoot in and you’re ready for action.  Since I hadContinue reading “NECC 2009 Day 1”

links for 2009-06-29

POKE.LY – Express yourself! Do stuff to people on Twitter – poke them, throw stuff, give a coffee, etc. (tags: web2.0 twitter facebook) BBC – KS1 Bitesize Games – Literacy(English) Literacy activities for kids from the BBS – check for content and appropriateness before use (tags: literacy games reading spelling phonics interactive english writing) AContinue reading “links for 2009-06-29”