links for 2009-05-23

RunPee Website that lets you know when, in a movie, it's a good time to take a bathroom break (tags: humour movies web2.0) SeeToo – Instant Video Sharing without uploading Watch videos online with friends and chat together about it. (tags: video sharing web2.0 tools filesharing online videos streaming) perspctv Compare, analyze, monitor… Your dashboardContinue reading “links for 2009-05-23”

Having a Passion

Yesterday, the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee had its final meeting of the year.  While we normally hold our meetings in the same location, the last one of the year is taken to the road for some unique Professional Development and an opportunity for the host to show off some technology or teaching in theirContinue reading “Having a Passion”

links for 2009-05-21

ARKive Education – Homepage Free multi-media educational resources with downloadable, ready to use audio-visual modules on a wide range of science and environmental based topics. (tags: Science resources education video environment animals biology images) Motivating Boy Writers: Building Relationships Both Ralph Fletcher, in his book "Boy Writers" and Jeffrey Wilhelm in his book, "Reading don'tContinue reading “links for 2009-05-21”

Photographers on Display

For four years now, the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg has hosted an exhibition of student digital photography for students in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I am constantly amazed with the creativity and imagination of students as I’m going through the process of hanging the entries on the wall.  It’s not an easilyContinue reading “Photographers on Display”