150 Years

Today marks the 150th birthday of the world most famous clock, Big Ben.  It’s famous in structure, design, reliability, and without a doubt, the most recognizable clock chime ever.

It’s famous appearance make it one of the premier landmarks in London and has appeared in so many photographs, television shows, and movies with a UK content.

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It’s a fascinating piece of architecture with an equally as fascinating history.

Read about the history and design/structure here.

To celebrate this historic day, consider doing the following…

  • Download the Big Ben application for your iPod/iPhone.  (Free for the next 48 hours)
  • Take a virtual tour of the Clock Tower.  Full screen mode is pretty cool. (Only UK residents can actually do it.)
  • Download a Big Ben Screensaver.
  • Check out the neighbourhood in Google Earth.  Make sure to turn on 3D images.

Above all this, read about the history of Big Ben, the Clock Tower, and the United Kingdom.

Later that morning
First comment indicated that Google.co.uk had a doodle to celebrate but unfortunately it didn’t appear in the comment.  I’ve embedded it here.  As you can see, it’s very nicely done.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Google Doodle didn’t appear in the reply. I’m going to go back into the original post and add it. It’s very nicely done.


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