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Welcome to another attempt to help you search and find exactly what you want quickly and efficiently.  As more and more information becomes available, search becomes more challenging.  Sometimes, you find great results.  Sometimes, not so great.  There’s a trend towards developing tools that let you get a real sense of what results “look like” before you take the time to click through.

Into this arena comes Spezify.

So, you look at the pointing finger and enter a search term.  What’s the most popular search on the internet?  “You”, of course.  So, let’s see what Spezify finds when I search for myself.

So, what did it find?  It finds my biggest internet presence.  You’ll see references to this blog, my wiki, and comments from Twitter.  A little colour makes the individual results stand out.  You’ll also note that there are some other internet resources including a reference to me on another blog and through Twitter.

When you click on the screen, your mouse becomes sticky and you can pan back and forth through the results.  The most relevant results appear near the centre of the screen when the search returns.  To the periphery, there are images from Flickr.  I’m not quite sure the relevance of those.  They’re not pictures of me or of anyone that I know.  A little more digging is required there.

Visualization is big and this may be a glimpse of things to come.  I’ve long used CoolIris for a visualization approach to searching for images.  This brings the rest of the web into the process.

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One thought on “Search Visualization

  1. This tool makes search “smarter” – like in your link to Web 3.0. Looking at the results for my name (which is more unique than yours) and finding my email address, photo and home address, gave me pause.


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