Day: May 21, 2009

Photographers on Display

For four years now, the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg has hosted an exhibition of student digital photography for students in the Greater Essex County District School Board.

I am constantly amazed with the creativity and imagination of students as I’m going through the process of hanging the entries on the wall.  It’s not an easily done task, taking at least two days of hammering, but the results are spectacular.

Unlike a school show where the entries are limited to particular classes, any students from any elementary or secondary school may elect to submit their work.

It’s also an interesting show in that a student in Grade 1 with a parent’s camera is on display in the same arena as a Grade 12 student who has purchased serious equipment and is starting to consider a post-secondary education in the arts or web design or …

Each division features entries in the Black and White, Colour, and Digitally Enhanced categories.  One might think that it’s a “Photoshop Heaven” but it really isn’t.  Walking through the display, you can see some thoughtful creations and strategic posing to get the desired effect.

Three judges from the community spend an afternoon awarding first, second, and third in each category.  It’s almost a shame to do this because they are all winners from my perspective.

Above and beyond the division judging, one of the judges in our first year of doing this suggested that we have a “Best in Show” by type of photograph.  It’s an interesting notion and is a great equalizer where a Grade 2 student’s Black and White offering is in the same boat as a Grade 11 student’s.  But, it works.  Technology really becomes a facilitator in this way and the real skill lies with the eye of the student.

You can see a sampling of the photos on the web here.  To see them all, you must visit the Gibson Gallery.

The exhibition starts today and runs until June 14.

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