Last night, at the Ontario Educators’ Meetup, Ben Hazzard presented on the topic of “Connecting Teachers for Cross Classroom Collaboration”.  In the presentation, he related some of the successes that he has had with projects that involved connecting his students to others outside the school.

The concept of collaborating on a common project is a very powerful one and it works so well … provided you can find someone with the same goals and timelines as you.  But, how do you get started?

That’s where Ben’s resource “Teachers Connecting” fits into the picture.  Ben likened it to eHarmony for educators.  Come looking for your ideal match and see what happens!

A visitor to the site, after confirmed, is allowed to search through various projects and hop in.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, create your own project and hopefully others will find you.  During Ben’s presentation, I signed up for an account and the discussion did get around to perhaps professional development folks getting together to collaborate about how we might roll out activities for newly licensed OESS software.

Checking in this morning, I already have one “buddy” – Mr. SadOne.  Maybe, after knowing each other for a couple of years, we’ll finally get a chance to do something together!

So, if you’re looking for an “out of classroom experience”, take a look around Ben’s site.  Registration is required but it’s quick and easy and you’re into the good stuff.

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