Flock 2.5

I awoke this morning to some exciting news.  Overnight, the folks at Flock had released version 2.5 which they’re saying is built on the latest version of Firefox.  This news came from their web ambassador Evan Hamilton.

For the longest of times, Flock was my browser of choice.  I like its clean interface, its compatibility with Firefox and the Firefox Add-ons, but most importantly, the integration of so many of the web experiences that I use regularly.  Integrated Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, WordPress, and Digg are part of my regular routine.  Flock made it so easy to pull it all together.  Built in RSS reading just puts it over the top in terms of what I need my browser to do.

As life progressed, something happened.  Out of the blue, the old version of Flock began to run a high CPU temperature and would cause chaos with 100% CPU usage.  I anguished and fought and drove myself crazy (crazier?) trying to find a solution.  About the same time, I had the same performance issues with Firefox.  Since they are developed in parallel, I tried my best to figure out what was happening to no avail.  Even doing the first recommended action which was to disable add-ons, try safe mode, etc., had no effect.  The best that I could figure is that there was a chance in OS that caused the problems or perhaps the Flash plug-in.  Eventually, the problem was resolved with Firefox and my computers ran smoothly again so whatever it was had been resolved.  I’m hoping that the new version of Flock continues to be a good actor.  I tire of trying to gather add-ons to give me the same functionality.

There are things that are uniquely Flock as well.  You can’t beat the opening My World, now with an integrated Twitter search widget.  There is so much good in this browser for my web experiences.  A particularly helpful add-on is the OpenID tool.  Rather than digging around when I get to a website that supports ID, it’s right there in the toolbar.

In support of the new release, take a few moments to watch their demo videos.  Flock’s strengths has always been in its support for social media and there are new features like their self-named Flockcast to get your information out to your networks quickly and easily.

And, for the blogger, the integrated blog editor has always been a wonderful feature.  Straight forward, it does what I need to do.  I must admit that the integrated Zemanta of Scribefire was nice.  I’ve downloaded the Zemanta extension and will give it a shot.

Anyway, so far so good.  The new version downloaded and installed and this post was created with the updated editor.  I’m going to spend some more time with the features and see what’s up.  It’s been a while since releases and so I’m looking forward to renewing my acquaintances with my favourite browser.

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