Day: May 12, 2009


Last night, we had our annual CIESC Dinner meeting and wrapup for the school year.  CIESC = Computers in Education School Contacts.  We have at least one in every one of our schools and they’re the front line to computer professional development, support for their colleagues, abuse when stuff doesn’t work, and generally help support the cause as we push forward with technologies, initiatives, and pedagogy to support increased achievement with our students.

Over the past couple of years, we have been fortunate to have opened some new schools and so part of our agenda has been to tour the new schools.  Technology and opportunities for students is built in by design and teacher generally enjoy seeing how the other half lives.  Our venue for the evening has a great deal of innovations that illustrate our current thinking about how learning environments should be constructed.  One of the highlights is a Snoezelen Room and its use certainly sparked some curiosity among our group.

This school year has seen a big shift towards using web-based collaboration tools and, of course, the wiki is front and centre.  A lot of effort has gone into the creation of these things throughout the district by students and teachers.  It was only fitting that we took some time showcasing some of the results.

After dinner, we were treated to a presentation by Rodd Lucier, “thecleversheep” as he’s know in the online world.  Rodd and I have learned from and pushed each other in this space for a couple of years now.  So, it was only fitting that he address the group about the spirit of collaboration as it applies to teachers professionally and in the classroom with students.  In planning for the event, we batted a couple of ideas back and forth and finally ended up with the concept of 10 trends that Rodd sees happening now.  Given what’s happening, it seemed like “Collaboration” would be a great title for the presentation.

Rodd was good enough to post his presentation to Slideshare so that everyone could enjoy it.  During his presentation, Rodd showed the group where the slideshow was and it had already collected over 200 hits.  This morning, I see that it’s sitting at 435 hits with a couple of comments already.

We live in ever changing times and just when you think you see the target, it moves.  Our students are so far removed from David Warlick’s “perfect classroom” of the 1950s.  The power of the web reaches everywhere and the more that we know, the more that we can leverage it in our classrooms.

That’s where the value of the CIESC group comes into play.  They help shape where we’re prepared to take our students.

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