What about next year?

Yesterday, I talked about this being the “Year of the Wiki”, with so many of them finding a place in our classrooms.  It’s been a great run. Then, I started thinking about next year.  What’s going to happen then? I pondered over Tim’s comments from yesterday and for those who create a wiki as aContinue reading “What about next year?”

links for 2009-05-04

TheStar.com | living | Girl geeks are now hot stuff AskMen.com, which has been ranking the 99 most desirable women for a few years, has released this year's "Top 10: Hottest Women in Tech" list. (tags: web2.0 socialnetworking mashup creativecommons ComputerScience/Fluency icsxx women) PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations Fun,Continue reading “links for 2009-05-04”