Learning with the folks from Waterloo

Last Friday, I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to do some learning with 75 Waterloo Region teachers at a presentation led by David Warlick.

David, checking out the setup

The message was a powerful one.  His presentation “Redefining Literacy” is one that makes you rethink most everything about education and his examples of how to use the tools of the web as a new literacy put things very nicely in context.

Ron, with his ever present camera

The session was hosted by the ITS Department of the WRDSB and is part of a continuing effort to keep pushing the envelope.  In addition to the great PD with David, it was announced that a new server running WordPress software was recently launched to allow teachers and students to blog in house as opposed to using other resources.

I live blogged David’s presentation using Coveritlive.  My observations appear below.

David Warlick in Kitchener (0pens in a new window)

It was a great day to learn and a good group to learn with. My thanks to Ron, Harry, and Mark for including me.

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