His and Hers BlackBerries (BlackBerrys)
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It’s been a rough few days for me.  My Blackberry died.  It was a quick death and I’m grieving big-time!

Not that my life revolves around being connected and doing things, it’s a very hand tool to check in on email when time permits.  That might be the few minutes before waiting for a meeting, while waiting for my wife during a shopping excusion or even waiting for a haircut.

Now, that may sound a little obsessive, but it really isn’t.

The value comes and is really apparent when the service goes away.  There’s nobody there to magically take care of things when you’re not at the keyboard.  By staying on top of things during the waiting moments, it keeps the list of things to do when you get to a keyboard smaller.

Without this, things just accumulate.

I’ve been struggling to get caught up.  I didn’t realize how well I used the device to manage things until I had to go without it.  I’m waiting on pins and needs to get back connected with a new device.  I need to get control over my email life again.

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