My New Theory

I have a new theory about this Web 1.0, Web 2.0 thing…

A couple of years ago, Marc Prensky spoke at the RCAC Symposium.  At the last minute, he put in a request to have a panel of students for his breakout session.  Now, this was during a school day.  Where am I going to get a kid?

Then, I thought…hey, I’ve got a kid.

And a Bubby star was born.  She did a great job and spoke so eloquently about what technology means to her and her life.  She gets it; she embraces it; she exploits it for her own particular purposes.  She was awesome.

Spring forward and I did a little observation recently.  With these commonly used terms, we think that we know the difference and we a

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re probably right but there’s really no hard and fast defining terms.  I’d like to offer a suggestion based upon these observations.

Web 1.0 Citizen – this is a person that needs two hands to dial a phone number on a cell phone.

Web 2.0 Citizen – this is a person that can text a message on a regular cell phone (you know the one with three letters per key?) using only one hand.

While we’re at it, let me lay out the standards for Web 3.0

Web 3.0 Citizen – this is a person that can text a message on a regular cell phone while it’s in their pocket or under a desk in a classroom using only one hand and with 95% accuracy.

Now, that’s impressive!

Where does this leave me?  Hah!

I figure I’m a Web 0.5.  I have a Blackberry with a full-screen keyboard and I love it!

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