Tracking Yourself

Yesterday, I noted the situation with Domino’s Pizza and the YouTube video that threatened to endanger its corporate image.

Domino’s Pizza was able to react quickly and start the process of damage control.  A big corporation like that does have the ability to hire people who look after corporate image issues.  Hopefully, there will be no permanent damage from this latest episode.

What about the rest of us though?  We just use online services for enjoyment and perhaps a little blogging and putting up some resources to share with others.  How do we protect our “brand”?

It’s a tough call. 

First of all, you need to establish a permanent home presence.  If you’re a blogger or web developer, create this presence where you work most often.  You’re going to want to define this as your home and that everything that you do ultimately links back here.  It’s worth the few bucks that it takes to register a domain.  Once registered, it’s yours.  So, I’ll continue to keep active, for example. My blog, wiki, and web resources all originate from there. If there’s any doubt, folks can always start from there.

But, what about other internet resources?  Who has time to spend online searching for Yahoo! or Google content that might be related to you.  That’s where a service like Google Alerts is extremely handy.  If you don’t have time to search for yourself, automate it.  The utility is configurable and you’ll get an email alerting you to a message that contains particular content.  It’s another awesome way for you to put the web and its potential to work for you.

So, work smart and keep your identity pristine. 

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One thought on “Tracking Yourself

  1. Thanks for this helpful tip about Google Alerts. Branding, as you say, is a very important concern in this instant search world. It is prudent to keep up to date about your personal and commercial branding efforts.


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