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Infinite Photograph

This is just too cool not to share and is worthy of a blog post.  From National Geographic comes the “Infinite Photograph“.

Those of us who have enjoyed the National Geographic for years know them for their amazing high quality images.  With the Infinite Photograph, from user generated content, you’re presented with a delightful mosaic of images.  As you move your cursor over the image, you’ll notice an orange rectangle.  (What else?)  Click on the image to dig inside the mosiac.  You dig and dig and dig and soon you understand why it’s called the infinite photograph.

What an addictive concept.  I’ve been playing around with it for some time now and seeing just spectacular images.  Instead of single clicking on each, double click to get more information about the individual shot.  It’s guaranteed to keep you amused for a while.

Would you like to create your own Mosaic?

Head on over to the Image Mosaic Generator.

Here, you’re invited to upload your own image and the website creates its own mosaic of images for you from images uploaded to Flickr.  Again, another inviting and engaging thing to do with your images.

Here’s an image of Beauregard, the wonder Daschund.


According to Cnet, this is part of National Geographic’s “My Shot” program.

If you or your students are digital photographers, all this is worth a followup.

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