People who use Facebook are Dumb

That would appear to be the message in this article in China View this morning.

Or, at least, they get lower marks.

I think someone needs to tell those students who were in my Computer Science class at the university this year.  They used Facebook as a meeting place to stay connected with each other and their friends.  In the process of th

eir collaboration, they worked together and put together some of the most amazing and creative materials that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

According to the report, students who use Facebook could score up to a full grade less.  You mean they could have been even better?

Image via CrunchBase

I’ll be interested in reading this report when it’s released.  Questions that I’ll be looking for would include what kind of assessment and evaluation practices are used.  Are the practices modernized and up to date or are students expected to spend the same amounts of time in the stacks, regurgitating works of others?  Does this report include results from all years at university?

This report will tickle the fancy of many news outlets depending upon its content and how it’s released.

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2 thoughts on “People who use Facebook are Dumb”

  1. Interesting point that the 21st century literacies of blogs, wikis, and podcasts should also address the use of Facebook as a positive tool for social communication.


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