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If you’re looking for the highest quality Twitterers, then you may wish to move to Romania.  Web resource Twitter Grader has ranked countries by the quality of its Twitter using folks.  The results are in and the best are from Romania.

How does it work?  I haven’t a clue!  Somehow, they’ve devised an algorithm that attempts to rank twitter users by their quality.  According to Mashable, here’s how it’s done…

Twitter Grader bases your score on the number of followers you have, the power of this network of followers, the pace of your updates, the completeness of your profile and “a few other factors.”

Now, based upon the total number of users that can be identified by locations in their profiles, here are the top five countries.

The numbers should be anywhere between 0 and 100.  Romania, with fewer folks using Twitter has a whopping score of 67.65.

By drilling through, you can even determine who the best folks are from Romania.

It’s fun to poke around and see what’s happening where and with whom.  Like good statistics, if you play around long enough, you can make it say anything that you want.  I’m the tops in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, beating out six other people.  Talk about yer granularization.

Seriously, though, is there more than entertainment value to this?  In a world where students are connected 24/7 to Web 2.0 resources, we could be using these statistics as hooks to the importance of building networks and being of value to others in the quality of resources and the quality of writing/communication.  This article is a good read.  If the point is to set yourself ahead of others, then it’s important to be able to market yourself.  It’s a skill that will be important in all pathways for students.

In a world where text messages are dominating, the skill set to be an effective communicator is important.  Can resources like Twitter Grader play a part?  Let’s make a concerted effort to get those Canadian results moving upward!

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