Real Time Duke It Out

Yesterday, Seesmic released its new product, Seesmic Desktop.  Those of us who are Twhirl users were excited to see what work was done and I downloaded it first thing this morning…before even my morning coffee.

They’ve done a nice job and I’d encourage you to take a flyer on it at

The common thought is that Seesmic Desktop competes directly with its sister product, Twhirl, and Tweetdeck. Into the fray also comes Nambu.  Ah, the perpetual betas.

So, which is better?

Image by rMen via Flickr

I would encourage you to check them all out and make a decision for yourself for what works for you.  They’re all great products.  I’ve always like Twhirl for its ability to handle multiple Twitter accounts.  Seesmic Desktop makes monitoring them even more seemless.

In the meantime, watch these browsers duke it out for supremacy in the Twitter client forum.

You can’t beat good statistics.  You can beat live traffic.  You can’t beat live statistics.

Watch these clients go head to head here.  Move your cursor over the data stream to see how they’re doing!

You can read a review of the new Seesmic Desktop here.

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