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Activity not so Goofy

In Business Education, one of the things that we do in Marketing and Computer Applications classes is to have students design posters and product labels.

It’s an opportunity to teach and directly apply the skills of using programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements or Microsoft Publisher.  There are many things to think about in terms of design.

  • How do you attract the consumer?
  • How big is this going to be?
  • How do we create this as to not be offensive to some members of society?
  • How do you modify your design for a book, a box, a can, an internet product…?
  • Where do you place product warning labels?
  • What is the size of the contents in the product?
  • What are the ingredients that you are required by law to put on the label?

    Image via Wikipedia
  • Are there any value added components to what you’re designing?
  • What colours compliment each other?
  • What colours clash with each other?
  • What is the company logo?
  • How do we use this design to support the branding of this product?

While it may be a motivating assignment for some, the typical response is “This is boring” or “This is goofy”.

Well, would $5 000 change your mind?

From The Campbell Soup Company comes this offer from their Ideas for Innovation.  Here we have a huge corporation that’s willing to pay for ideas to help their corporate presence.

Some classroom activities seem a little less goofy now, don’t they?

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2 responses to “Activity not so Goofy”

  1. Hi Doug,

    I came across a really neat contest today at Students create a model of a bridge in Google Sketchup to add to Google Earth. Lots of good tips about how to do it are included.


  2. Too cool, Ross. Thanks for sharing. It’s this type of thing that make people think the impossible — like the Confederation Bridge?


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