Rubber Side Down Done

Last night was the big premiere of my son Andy’s movie “Rubber Side Down” in Windsor, Ontario.

As I indicated yesterday, the movie detailed the travels of two Amherstburg lads as they biked from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, covering some 8000 km.

The setting was the beautiful Capitol Theatre and just about every seat in the 700 seat theatre was taken.  Andy and the bikers, Vin and Greg, were introduced before the showing and received a standing ovation in advance for their efforts.

I had no idea what to expect in advance as the content was kept under close wraps.  Apparently, I was lucky having to work Friday instead of being home to witness the opening night jitters.

The movie itself was incredibly engaging.  I wondered how a movie of two guys on bikes could be made into a full movie.  What we saw was a story rich in first person imagery, humour, and events as Vin and Greg embarked on their three month journey.  Throughout, the movie generated laughter and applause as we took part in the journey. 

It was an enjoyable evening – the editing had a great deal of impact from Andy’s work on the Survivorman series and it work well.  The music was from a variety of friends and family and the choice of tunes matched the events nicely.

According to organizer John Scott, this event raised $10 000 towards the goal of raising $80 000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.  Guests could pre-order their own copy of “Rubber Side Down” and the entire audience was invited to a local establishment after the movie to meet with the stars of the movie.

Amherstburg shone nicely last evening.  Good luck to the gang in their upcoming showings of the movie.  If last night was any indicator, continued success should follow this group in their fundraising endeavours.

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2 thoughts on “Rubber Side Down Done

  1. How wonderful that the premiere of the movie was engaging for such a philanthropic cause. It must be something to get a glimpse of the country from coast to coast as well.


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