World Premiere

Tonight at 7:30 at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor, Ontario is the world premier of the movie “Rubber Side Down”.  You can see the trailer on their website “Powered By Community“.

The concept was simple – just bike across Canada – about 8000 km worth of peddling.  The trip was completed over three months and the lads, Vin and Greg, documented every step.  What does 8000 km of tape look like?  I can tell you first hand that it’s enough tape to completely cover the kitchen table.  I know, because my son Andy, took a three month leave from his job at Survivorman to assemble the whole thing.

I haven’t actually seen the final production yet.  It’s top secret, apparently.  But tonight’s the night.

The whole process would be painstaking as the script was generated after the shooting.  Can you imagine previewing 8000 km worth of video?  I get bored just biking into town and back!  Of course, I don’t have crowds cheering me on or police escorts through big cities or a mission to see the project through to completion.  But, somehow, this is all going to come together.

It’s a long way for us since Andy first got into digital movie editing.  One summer, I brought home an iMac and a digital camera and set it up on a card table in the rec room so that he could learn how to use iMovie and then teach me.  His first epic “The Boy Does Bagels” somehow missed public recognition.

The whole project is designed to raise awareness and funds for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation to help find a cure for this painful disease.

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