April Fools’ Day

This is THE day for media literacy if you are an internet using computer user.  There have been some really well crafted April Fool’s jokes played on the Internet.  The history of April Fools’ is an interesting read to find out just where all this stuff came from.

It’s a day for hoaxes and Google has a large resume of pranks.  They’re even more effective when coming from a source that’s generally credible and when the design is well thought through and consistent with the rest of the website.

So, what do they have up their sleeve for this year?  Perhaps something with their new Browser or Gmail?  Other than search, those are two highly visible and popular applications.  What do you think?

It’s so easy to do.

Unlike face to face pranks, there’s very little to distinguish a well designed prank webpage from a real one.  While there are well documented lists of things that were played on an unsuspecting public and they’re available at anytime, it’s even more effective when you take a look at them on April 1.

So, settle back for some interesting browsing if you’re on the web today.  Who knows what you’ll find!

I’ve been seeing a huge amount of reports already this morning.  I won’t spoil your fun with details in this entry but be aware of reports from friends in good faith about new features or reported happenings this morning!

You can stay on top of the latest sighting at April Fools’ Day on the web.

This and more are available in my April 2009 Newsletter.

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