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I just returned from a visit to my native Clinton.  It’s over three hours for the drive and there is lots to see on the trip.  Ever the educator, I always give the school and its grounds a once over.  I notice, as I go by, the number and importance of environmental issues and the student impact on the environment that is quite apparent from the road.

You see recycling bins, compost stacks, reforestration, chip paths, etc. and it’s absolutely great to see.  These are the things that make a significant difference in students attitudes and habits.  The hope is that these good deeds will be taken home and that respect for the environment ensues.  We hope that everything that is done at the school impacts the home to get a bigger return on the time and effort spent at school making it happen.

As I wrap up a week thinking about the new Grade 10-12 Computer Studies curriculum, I can’t help but hope that the same appreciation and respect for the use of the computer follows students hope to make them better electronic citizens and that these skills become part of their daily routine.  Particularly in the Grade 10 course, there are two important sections.  Sections A4. Home Computer Networking and A5. Maintenance and Security, contain curriculum expectations that address current and future needs for anyone who intends to use a computer and go online safely.  In this day and age, isn’t that so important?

As noted in a previous post, the Ministry of Education has not made any computer studies course compulsory.  However, I hope that computer studies teachers province-wide emphasize the important and relevance of the content of this new curriculum for those who will be growing up in a digital life.  It’s incredibly good content and better computer users will be the result of being a successful student in these courses.

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