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Now that Christmas has come and gone, I no longer have to be a closet iPod Touch user.  The kids found theirs under the tree and are now busy tapping away on their own.  Me too, now openly at home.  Pre-Christmas, I was only using it outside of the house.  I decided to come forth and share what’s on my iPod and let blog readers tell me what’s good and what I need to add to the suite of applications that I’m using.

While the basic premise is still the same (it’s a great music and video playing device), this new device runs applications.  These applications are very high quality and raise portable productivity to a new level.

So, here’s what’s on my iPod.  Let me know what I’m missing.

Screen 1
For the most part, there are the standard applications that come with the iPod.  I had installed Earthscape as a world browser before the Google Earth application became available.  It’s still there and I find that there’s a lot of functionality to it that I really enjoy, including the picture overlays.  In the bar at the bottom are the four applications that I use all the time.  Music and Videos come with the iPod.  Twittelator is my connection to Twitter.  It’s got everything that I do on the service and was a welcome purchase for me.  The Facebook application lets me update things on Facebook and informs me of notifications.  If I could only play Bowling Buddies, I’d be ecstatic!

Screen 2
Then, we get into some of the productivity tools.  FreePing allows me to manage wireless internet.  iGCT is a buddy for my hobby of Geocaching.  If you’re a Canadian coffee drinker, you need to know how to get to the closest Tim Horton’s for a refill.  Interestingly, the third closest store is only 9km away but is estimated to take 75 minutes.  Why?  I have to drive north to Windsor, cross to the USA through Detroit and then head south to Trenton.  The WordPress application gives me access to my blog and I can create entries here.  Typically, I use it as a scratchpad, upload a sketch to WordPress and then log on with a full computer to tidy it up.  MiGhtyDocs gives me access to my Google Docs, a handy feature.  MobileZodiac helds me decide whether or not to get out of bed.  I use my Delicious account a great deal and have quick access to my stored sites.  WorldWiki is terrific for research when watching the news.  Flashlight – Actually used it to find something on the floor in the dark one night.  NotepadSync is a quick and easy way to synchronize notes from the iPod to my computer and back.  Finally, the Calculator is awesome.  It looks like and works like my old HP RPN calculator.  You can’t beat a good RPN calculator if you’re a mathematics geek.  None of that algebraic stuff for me.

Screen 3
Cooliris is everywhere for me.  It’s 3D wall display and Internet image search functionality are second to none.  Wikipanion is a quick and easy interface to resources on the Wikipedia.  Google Earth – the popular mapping program comes to the iPod.  Like everyone, first thing I did was check out my back yard.  And, finally, the free version of Twittelator.  It’s a great app and I demo it to folks as a free way to get into Twitter but personally use the Pro version.

Screen 4
Finally, you can’t have one of these devices without a few diversions.  The Boy told me about iPint, a promotional application from Carling.  Even though I can’t use Bowling Buddies from Facebook, I can use iBowl.  It’s a perfect reason to get an aisle seat on a plane but you do look a little silly.  iSlots is an intriguing gambling simulation.  I am a real fan of Mahjongg and so Moonlight Lite is a terrific time killer.  Poppin’ demonstrates that you can actually touch the screen and make simulated bubble wrap pop.  Untangle is an interesting puzzle to solve, as is Fuzzle.  Who knew that you could double in and play Darts on an iPod.  Yep.  JellyCar defies explanation and it’s a simulation that draws you into the application.  Lightsaber is a fun little app to duke it out with the kids.  PenguinLite tests you sense of travel and gravity.  SporeLE brings the popular life simulation to the iPod.  Finally, I have ongoing challenges with word games with my girls.  I practice with WordWhirl and Word Warp.  They still beat me though.

So, that’s what I’m carrying around on my iPod.  Suggestions for more entertainment and productivity are welcome.

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