We drove through Watford today amd saw the big signs about the Silver Stick Tournament. If you know hockey, you know that this is THE event in minor hockey. Teams all over Canada and the United States descend upon this area to be part of it. It is well scripted and there are timed games and rules and the whole thing comes off like clockwork. If you’re “on”, you stand a chance of winning. For all of the practice and planning, it all needs to come together perfectly. It’s a project planner’s dream.

Then, I’m sitting in the living room in Clinton browsing through the messages coming through Twitter. These are important things to the authors that can’t be broken down into periods or line changes. It’s ad hoc learning for just the right amount of time that it takes to get the job done. It’s a project planner’s nightmare. No rules, just a desire to get what is required.

It’s interesting to see how these two events have parallels in what we term learning in education. Is the timed event not what we go through at Teacher’s College and at most conferences? Is the Twittering for results what we do in the evenings when we need a just in time answer? What’s more effective? What’s more relevant? What will make immediate changes to the way students learn?

With all that’s to learn, should we not look towards the most effective method for us to get what we need? For some, it may be Column A but increasingly, we’re seeing Column B.

Will there come a time that evidence of a PLN that supports professional growth be accepted for certification upgrade?

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