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There seems to be a number of tools that allow you to be somewhat introspective about your online habits.  Today, TweetStats was making the rounds and I’m always up for something new and so decided to check it out.

The Twitter API certainly does allow developers access to a great deal of information.  All that you need to do is head to the TweetStats and enter the name of a Twitter user and information is generated.  You don’t need to log in or provide passwords.  The information is public and when you’ve amassed a number of posts, there’s a great deal of information to be gleamed.

Things like times and dates and what application that you used to post your tweets.  It’s just that you’ve probably not seen them analyzed in one spot.  You can now here.  My stats appear below.  All that’s missing is an embed option to include live stats.  So, for the present, we’ll have to turn to a screen grab.


There’s some interesting things to note right from the get go.  I’m certainly a morning person with the greatest density appearing in the early morning hours.

I keep great company.  My top two people to Twitter with are social media advocates.  The rest are notable educators.  Christmas_Alf is just tough to describe but equally as tough to ignore.

I also like my Twitter clients.  For a while, I certainly had an affinity for Twhirl and still do.  However, I do spend some time with the other players in the field.  Thank goodness for big hard drives so that we can experiment.

It wouldn’t be a Web2.0 application without a tag cloud.  So, following the tag cloud link reveals a frequency distribution of terms that are used.  Hmmmm.. Good morning…

cloudFor the educator in all of us, you can even generate your tag cloud automatically with Wordle.  Is there nothing that you can’t do?

We also add a new word to the online Twitter language.  “Twoosh” – a 140 character tweet.  It’s actually harder to do than you might suspect.  It has even more impact in Spaz when you get the exciting “Wilhelm”.

TweetStats is an interesting little diversion.  But, it will also let you take inventory of what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.  If you’re a regular Twitterer, check it out on yourself.  EgoStats?  You might be surprised at what you’ll find.

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