Social Media for Personal Safety

There are lots of great stories demonstrating the power and the use of social media.  However, this one has to be right up near the top.

It originally was posted in April of this year.

It’s the story of how a student in Egypt was arrested covering a protest.  On the way to the police station, the student twittered a single word – “arrested” which was enough to start the ball rolling and alert his friends who were also on Twitter, monitoring the updates.  The story is an interesting read.

Unless you don’t watch police television shows, you probably have not been exposed to the solution of the crime by triangulating someone’s position from cell phone towers.

Chances are, you are carrying a device that identifies your current location.  If you go into your advanced settings on your GPS unit, you’ll see the satellites that enable the device to know where you are and suggest driving directions.

With your iPhone or iPod Touch, just how does a “Timmy Me” application work?  You got it.  Through a connection, you’re mashed into a mapping application that lets you know where you need to go to get your next fill up.  Most Twitter applications for the iPhone or iPod will even allow you to tweet out your current location.

Now, none of this will save your bacon better than not getting into trouble in the first place.  However, it’s worthy of knowing just how your device works and determine how you can tell others where you are.

You just might run out of gas somewhere and your connected device is your lifeline.

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