Connected this morning

I am normally at the office at 6:15am to get started on the day’s workload.  It’s a great time to get started uninterrupted only by the sound of the caretaker and her vacuum cleaner and sometimes we chat about the ways that we would solve all of the ills of the world.

This morning, I have an appointment at a location nowhere near the workplace and so I get to have some breakfast and watch a little television before heading out.  I also have a chance to catch up on the news of the day online and what’s happening on Twitter.

I’ve got into this habit of leaving Spaz or Twhirl on overnight to catch the conversation from folks that I follow in Australia, Europe, Thailand, and goodness knows where else.  While I’m sawing logs, they’re living a life and mini-blogging all about their daily events.  I get to share in things, albeit vicariously.

I’m always humbled by the concept.  After all, I skim through the list of posts and it’s just so awesome that folks would allow you to witness this.  Of course, we reciprocate in North America through our daylight hours.

Today, it takes a new turn.  I have my morning back and forth with Zut_Moon who appears to be headed for Florida to warm up this holiday season.  I’m also sharing a bit with Windsordi who is on a train headed from Windsor to Toronto and is connected to the wifi on ViaRail.  And, Kevin Jarrett posts about a great story reading site that he’s found.  I check it out and add it to my delicious account.  It’s a keeper and I may end up using it in a presentation somewhere along the line.  Oh, and Lisa Parisi just announced that Steve Dembo will be on EdTechTalk Live tonight.

I suppose that I could be doing something else but I’m just that much better off this morning – thanks to being connected.

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