Just nice to be there

I have Ross at Math Fest to thank/blame for the nomination to the Edublogs Awards.  I am in no position to think that anything else other than the nomination would happen.

But, upon checking out the list of folks in the Individual Edublog category, it’s really comforting to see the company.  There are some amazing resources there to check out.  Your reading will double and triple as you work your way through the list.  It’s also kind of neat to know that I’ve met quite a few people on the list.  I attended a number of sessions offered by these folks at last year’s NECC and Alfred Thompson at a Computer Science and Information Technology Symposium where we both were speakers.

There are a lot of awards kicking around for doing things that we enjoy doing.  When I think of the thousands of educational folks who blog, they do it to share their enthusiasm for their corner of the educational market.  Isn’t that truly what it’s all about? 


So, I’m not working on any acceptance speech, but I can put this cool badge on my blog and just encourage everyone to support blogging by creating your own or by reading and commenting on others.

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